Munich-Miami in Lufthansa Business Class

I just wanted to share some photos from my flight with Lufthansa from Munich to Miami on the 330-300.

Cabin seating is a 2-2-2 and well designed for travelling with a friend like I did on this trip. This also means that it does not offer as much privacy as for example SAS new Business Class.

Good selection of in flight dining with an option of meat, fish or vegetarian for starter and main. I decided on vegetarian for both dishes and starter was a burrata with a really tasty pesto. Main was a pasta dish that didn’t look much but tasted just fine. I never tried the cheese and dessert, not a big fan of desserts and sugar when on a plane.¬†Internet is available on board at a small cost.

Always when I’m flying business, champagne!

img_2343.jpg img_2349.jpg
img_2359.jpg img_2353.jpg

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