Seafood and relaxed atmosphere at B.A.R. in Stockholm

B.A.R. is one of my favourite restaurants for fish and seafood in Stockholm. It has a relaxed atmosphere,  industrial interior and an open kitchen which I always enjoy.

img_2986.jpgMenu includes various of fish and seafood  and even if there is a few options of meat I definitely think this is a restaurant where  you should skip the meat and go for fish or seafood. I usually start with some fresh shrimp but this time I went for a fish taco which was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately I was too hungry to remember to take a photo of it, once I remembered it was long gone.

As a main I always go for grilled fish. If you want to, you can go up to the counter in front of the kitchen and choose your specific piece of fish. I usually get a few sides and sauces to go with the fish. Another option is to pick a live lobster from the aquarium!

I definitely think you should go to B.A.R. if you’re in Stockholm and looking for some great seafood and great atmosphere!

Have you already been here? Tell me what you thought!

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All photos by Selected Travel

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